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      Vier Letzte Lieder
      01/02/2020 | News
      Vier Letzte Lieder

      Neivi prepares for her concert with the Puebla Symphony Orchester where she will interpret Richard Strauss´s Four Last Songs, best known for their original titel, "Vier Letzte Lieder". The Concert will take [...]

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      Concert in Turkmenistan

      – … It is only a twinkling of an eye, it is just 10 years …, – writes about the Turkmen-Austrian Galkynysh Symphony Orchestra Neda Berger, president of the Turkmen-Austrian society and [...]

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      Polish National Wind Orchestra

      For the first time, NEIVI performs in Polen, where she was invited to sing at the inaugural concert of the National Polish Wind Orchestra this 11th of November in the city of Lubin, Polen. The concert was at the church [...]

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    • NEW Virtual Reality Video

      Take a look at the Agency Presentation Concert in Vienna (Recorded for Virtual Reality glases for better immersion).

      3D Virtual Reality 180 Video - NEIVI MARTINEZ SI MI CHIAMANO MIMÍ - LA BOHEME - PUCCINI AMADEUS ARTISTS in Cooperation with Viarsys GmbH -Watch with VR Glasses for best Immersive Experience- NEIVI MARTINEZ Puccini „si, mi chiamano Mimí“ Mennan Berveniku - Piano Live at AMADEUS ARTISTS Agency Presentation Vienna 2019

    • Si, mi chiamano Mimt - La Boheme