• Interview for Hanna in the House

    17/04/2018 | News
  • From the Interview for HANNA IN THE HOUSE, VIENNA


     -What is your strength?


    My strength is to touch peoples hearts through music. Singing has been my passion all my life and I have been following my voice where ever she wants me to go… and she has taken me to incredible places and surreal experiences. Trough music I discovered a beautiful world where everything is perfect.
    One day when I was a child playing with my guitar and improvising with the voice I found my voice and I knew that I wanted to be in that world for a life time. The journey has been incredible, coming from a Mexican “province”, I have sang at the Sonoran Desert where I studied, then in Sweden, after I moved to beautiful Kärnten here in Austria, then moved to Germany, I have made a tour in the balkan countries and now I sing regularly at the gorgeous Imperial Palaces in Vienna. It´s a dream come true.


    -What makes you happy?


    To feel the unity that music creates among people, despite their nationality, gender or religion. I believe that society can work just like this. In an orchestra each of he instruments are very different from each other, but is exactly this diferences what creates the magic of the orchestral music: the harmony of the diversity working together for a big purpose.  I think humanity is in the right moment to work toghether for a common purpose.


    -What has been the most difficult professional experience?


    It took me quite some time to believe in myself, to learn to focus on my dream and chase it with passion. Working with positivity and passion can be very difficult when the working environment, the personal living situation or a specific project is not inspiring or productive. 



    -What is the nicest in your profession?


    Ah! My profession is a dream  😊 First of all I love music and working with inspiring creative people in different countries, I also love to travel and to have the best excuses to wear nice jewerly, dresses and shoes!

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