• On April of 2018, Neivi proudly launches the innovative artist agency: Amadeus Artists in Vienna, together with an experienced and passioned opera team: Rainer Zagovec (concert and opera agent), Pablo Cameselle, (tenor and opera agent) and Klara Elisabeth Außerhuber (Manager Assistent).

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    We are  based in Vienna, the City of Music, and we want to give our artists a unique management program. We represent a limited and select number of professional artists in theaters and events internationally, nevertheless we encourage young artists to take part of our auditions, masterclasses and consulting workshops. In this opportunities they will work on their capacities and recognize what is it that makes them outstanding on a marketing level and we will help young artists to build up their self-marketing and management skills.

    The agency particularly welcomes young musicians and holds occasional auditions to scout new talents.



    In Amadeus we recognize how important is that our artists prepare for the big stage, from both the artistic and the marketing point of view.

    On Amadeus Masterclasses we offer our students the opportunity to work with the world´s best opera singers and coaches for several days. On this manner they have a nutritious and creative environment to develop and perform at their fullest artistic capacity. We also want to make a difference by giving them self-management coaching sessions, to help each one to find their personal brand and help them develop their own marketing strategie.



    Amadeus believes that both emerging and established artists should have favorable and equal access to all channels of digital music distribution. Amadeus agency licenses and submits your music worldwide and helps you collect the royalties you have earned. We'll make sure your music is heard so you can earn money. You retain your sales proceeds without giving up any rights to your master recordings, copyrights, or merchandise rights



    Professional CD und DVD Live Recordings in High Quality. We make the recording at the concert venue and work later on with the mix and the CD mastering at the studio. The result is a professional CD and DVD for physical/online distribution.

    For more information please visit www.amadeus-artists.com