• SOS Kinderdorf Austria

    05/06/2020 | News
  • Today, Tuesday 12, we will be able to attend a solidarity concert for SOS Children's Villages of Austria, SOS Kinderdof Austria.

    SOS Children's Villages Festival Austria


    The soprano Neivi Martínez, a native of the city of Querétaro, Mexico and settled between Europe and America, offers today a concert in solidarity with SOS Kinderdorf Österreich from Vienna, Austria, on Tuesday,  May 12 at 7:00 p.m. (Austria-Madrid Time). The concert has the participation of the composer, pianist and violinist Matthias Lichenthaler who will be the master of ceremonies for the event. There will also be the participation of the musical formation of Gypsy Jazz Die Gewürztraminer, accordionist
    Nikola Dojic and guitarist and singer Jai Larkan A concert to be performed live and in Streaming for everyone from the Vienna Piano Gallery The artist Neivi Martínez, co-founder of YouBeArt and CEO of Amadeus Artist, will delight us live from Mexico,
    where she is spending these COVID moments. 

  • A life-changing moment ... SOS Children's Villages offers a cozy and welcoming home for children and young people with mental and emotional injuries who can no longer live with their families. SOS Children's Villages has worked for more than 60 years in 133 countries around the world with more than 500 SOS Children's Villages for children in need. With 1 euro per day you can sustainably help a child in the SOS Children's Village and accompany him on his way to a hopeful future.

    Matthias Lichtenthaler will be the master of ceremonies for the Festival for SOS Kinderdorf Österreich in which Neivi Martinez, among other renowned artists from Austria, will take part.