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  • Entrevista en La Hora Nacional

    Neivi platica su historia de vida en el programa La Hora Nacional en el Programa de Radio Querétaro, entrevista Mary Carmen Martinez. Escúchala en www.rtq.com.mx!

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    Neivi Martinez at the FAOT Festival 2017

    Neivi Martinez celebrates her participation on the FAOT festival, México, singing among Elina Garanca, Francisco Araiza, Alfredo Daza and other celebrities of the opera world!     SONORA CELEBRARÁ LA OPERA   14/Dec/2016 Hermosillo, Sonora.-    El Festival [...]

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    New Years Concert at the Stephansplatz, Vienna

    Accompanied by the Original Wiener Salon Ensamble, Martinez celebrated a huge new Years Concert. With pieces like "Heja in den Bergen", "Meine Lippen sie küssen so Heiß", "Lippen schweigen" und "Im feuerstrom der Reben", Martinez delighted the numerous people at the Vienna  New [...]

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    Neivi on the Vienna Fashion Week Closing Show

    More than 1000 expectators assisted to the closing show of the Vienna Fashion Week, where the Soprano Neivi Martinez performed the Aria Ebben ne andrò lontana, of Catalani´s La Wally.  ZUM ABSCHLUSS VINTAGE ByHelene Proißl 20/09/2016   “Menschen sollen gut zu [...]

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    Neivi´s Debut as Gilda,  National Theater Constanta

    Neivi Makes her Debut as Gilda in the Opera Rigoletto, a production of the National Theater Constanta  at the Hunedoara Summer Festival in july 2016.  

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    Neivi´s Role debut as Adina

      ".... The main focus of the performance was the soprano Neivi Martinez as rich and educated Adina: with each singing tone and sparkling stage character she underlined the comedy. Vocally she left no desire open, her vocally voluminous foundation and effortless high notes connected with [...]

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